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Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC was founded in February 2011 by Bradley G. Tayloe for one reason: To assist other small business owners, professionals, and sole proprietors expand their market reach and increase their brand exposure.  Through the use of traditional marketing, online marketing, and networking, we work to promote your business and profession to prospective customers with the goal of converting them to long term clients.  If you have a need to bring in more business and want to increase your search engine results, have more conversions on your existing website, expand your reach, or adjust your marketing strategy, we can assist you. Having worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years, for a variety of small businesses and freelance contracts, Tayloe Marketing and Consulting has the experience, education, and skill to deliver the results you deserve.

We have worked with businesses and professionals in all stages of their business life. From startup businesses, to those in either growth or maturity patterns, we can help you develop a marketing plan that will bring about the results you want. By collaborating with your ideas, and using the best in traditional and Internet marketing strategies, we will work together as a team to find out what your potential customers want, how to deliver the news to them that your business has what they need, and how they can get it from you.

Every business is unique, and all businesses must be treated as such. We do not offer a “cookie cutter” solution or one size fits all approach. Your website, press release, email marketing campaign, search engine optimization, or other Internet marketing service will be unique and fitted to match your industry, your mission, your brand, and your customers.  Since every message you send out, whether it be online, in print, or through word of mouth, is a reflection of your product or service, our goal is to tailor it to be consistent, effective, efficient, and results oriented.

Check out our blogs here, and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, and if we can answer any further questions or you would like to schedule a free consultation, please do contact us. Make it a great marketing day!

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A message from our Founder, Mr. Bradley Tayloe:

“Thank you for your time and consideration. After 15 years of experience as a salesperson and marketing professional working with customers, small business owners, and marketing experts, I founded Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC for one reason: To give something back to others who share the entrepreneurial spirit.

My parents were both small business owners, and while they were extremely talented in their respective fields of construction and real estate, both businesses struggled with increasing their market share and customer retention. Things were a lot harder back then though, as you did not have the Internet and all advertising was done via print, radio, or TV. I often wondered as a marketing student how could I have made a difference with the knowledge I have gained from both studies and execution. So the idea of “Tayloe Marketing and Consulting” was born and brought to life in 2011.

As small business owners today, we do not have the same issues my parents faced. There is an abundance of ways to reach your target market now! In fact, that is THE challenge. Just how, with all the various programs, platforms, mediums, and technology do you best reach your audience? That is where we come in. My goal is to listen to what it is you desire to accomplish, as no marketing plan and strategy fit two business owners alike. So with an initial consultation, my team and I will listen, plan, and then implement with you, as a team.  Your goal is to increase your customer base, either through development, retention, or both. Our goal is to assist you by working together with a collaboration of ideas, knowledge, and structured methods.

Again, I thank you for visiting our website. To know more, simply give us a call or fill out the contact information form. We look forward to working with you and being ‘Your Small Business Marketing Team’.”

Bradley G. Tayloe

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