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Writing an effective press release requires more than just knowing the story to be told about your business’ promotion, new product, rebranding, or other newsworthy event. It also requires having connections with the local and regional news providers, understanding the proper formatting, and how, when, and who the press release should be targeted to. At Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC we are experts at providing both effective press release writing and distribution, for a wide range of industries.

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Optimizing Your Press Release

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Optimizing Your Press Release

A press release is only as effective at it is written, and then distributed. To help you, our prospective client, on understanding what is the basics to a successful press release, here are some tips:

  • The press release should be newsworthy. This is important for many reasons, as you want to avoid desensitizing, or loosing the interest of, your audience. You also want to avoid using the news publication resources for items that are otherwise best distributed through other means, such as a blog post or social media posting. To often, press releases are abused and misused for their SEO and reach, so we will to a litmus test to determine if your 'news' is press release worthy, or better served another way.
  • Speaking of SEO, if we do proceed with the press release, it is vital to have it optimized for true effectiveness. This includes having relevant and descriptive keywords located within the first paragraph of the release. These keywords will include target audience, demographic, location, and other popular phrases that will help the release show up in search results, and also show your intended viewers that the story is indeed for them.
  • Avoid jargon and other overly technical language. If your press release is only intended for those in your industry that would understand specific terms that the regular public wouldn't then that is fine, but if your press release is to be distributed amongst regular channels, avoid or keep to a minimum the jargon.
  • Short and to the point, yet with enough information to cover the features and benefits of your new service, product, promotion, merger, etc. Remember the features are the 'what' of your news, while the benefits are the 'why', or basically the what's in it for me of the news release.
Press Release Samples

We have had the pleasure of creating press releases for several small businesses. For a small sample of our work published and examples of what we can do for you, please click on the following links!

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