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Manage Your Small Business’ and Professional Reputation

No matter how long your business has been around, a key to successful relations with your clients and retention of your customers is knowing just how to deal with negative, and positive feedback. As consumers we are demanding, and as owners we are keen to satisfy and meet our customers needs. Yet how can we do that every time? There will be those occasions when a customer, an employee, or even you as the owner/manager is having a bad day, or something just does not go as planned.

The fact that something, or someone, went wrong is not the issue. It is to be expected in any business that deals with people, irregardless if your product is delivered business to consumer(B2C) or business to business(B2B). An important factor in any relationship is to realize that arguing about who is right or wrong, making excuses, or naively pretending that nothing is wrong will not resolve the underlying issue/s.

Only by addressing the challenge head on can a business learn from it’s mistakes. Reputation management and customer retention includes more than understanding quotes and statements that “The Customer Is Always Right”, or “I’d rather be rich than right”.  As an owner or service professional, you must also understand that phrases such as these show that even if the consumer is wrong, that in most circumstances it will gain your business nothing to argue or contradict them. Instead of confrontation or being argumentative, a listening, understanding, and resolution approach should be taken. This does not mean you will always give the customer exactly what they want, but by listening and showing empathy you will break down the barriers and allow for a mutually beneficial resolution to be discovered.

Reputation Management

Think of the alternative: If you argue and prove the customer wrong (even if they are), what do you think the customer will do? Tell their friends that they were an “idiot” and deserved to be embarrassed and had their point disavowed? Of course not. They will tell everyone they know, and even those they do not know through online reviews and social media that your company disappointed them, embarrassed them, and that you are rude and do not care about the customers concerns. Again, it is not about being right or wrong, it is about perception. If your potential customer or long term client leaves with a bad taste in their mouth, their negative perception will carry over to all they have contact with.

Therefore you have two goals that we assist with. One is in avoiding challenges that can lead to negative reviews. Ask for an explanation as to why your customer is upset, and tackle the challenge to bring the customer to at least being satisfied with your effort, even if it beyond your ability to rectify. The second is to deal with negative reviews. Sometimes clients will seem happy, but then still not give you a fair review, or there will be those who no matter what effort you bring, you can just not make them happy.

Again, do not let your pride and ego get in the way of success. At Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC we strive to assist you in resolving any previous, current, and future consumer challenges. We will give you guidance on how to resolve the issue, and how to avoid it in the future.

Negative reviews are not the end of the world, but how a company responds is critical, as is the need to have positive reviews. We can help you with that, so contact us today!