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Social Media is a tool of Public Relations. This is not a new spin, in fact many articles have declared the importance of having an integrated Public Relations and Social Media strategy. However, an often overlooked aspect is the importance of Social Media and Public Relations and how it affects your customer retention. Customer retention is important, because it costs anywhere from 5-7 times as much to earn the trust of a new client, as it does to retain one.

Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of Social Media Management, Customer Retention, and Email Marketing services for small business owners, sole proprietors, and service professionals. From designing, implementing, and managing your social media accounts, developing customer retention strategies, and providing email marketing services, we can help you not only with online conversions, but also with increasing your client engagement and retention.

If your small business is having a challenge with customer retention, then we are more than happy to provide a free consultation on how to better enhance your return on marketing and client investments. We do this by analyzing current stakeholder strategy, along with quantitative and qualitative analysis through surveys, data, and reputation management information. Through knowledge comes the power to make necessary changes and to impose new strategies that reflect your brands true direction.

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Social Media Marketing Management Services for your Small Business.

To enhance the image, reputation, and engagement with your brand, Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC offers Social Media Management services. Small Business owners are often interested in using social media, yet they either do not know where to start, or know they will just not have enough time to manage the various social mediums and the content needed to truly build up an online social presence.

A frequent question we receive is "why should our small business or non-profit even use social media"? Even if you as a business owner or decision maker do not 'like' to engage in social media, your target audience does. Whether you are marketing to the Generation Z, Millennials ("Generation Y"), Generation X, Baby Boomers, or the Greatest Generation, each of these demographics use social media, and at least 78% of respondents to a 2012 survey said the posts made by companies they follow on social media impact their purchases (Forbes). Baby Boomers and the elderly are using social media more and more each day, and that includes research and interaction with local brands.

At Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC we use an "Implement, Strategize, and Management" approach to social media. We will research and discover the who, what, where, when, and how of your target market, develop a strategy to best connect and engage with them, and then manage the chosen social media platforms with data analysis and use best practices to deliver authoritative content.

Optimize Your Social Media Strategies
  • Implement
  • Objective:What is your goal in using Social Media?
  • Audience:Who is your target audience?
  • Platform/s: Where do your customers engage socially?
  • Policies:How often will you engage and how will you respond to both compliments and complaints?
  • Strategy
  • Listen:Must pay attention to what your customers and prospects say about your brand, as they are telling you what they want to know about.
  • What to write:Offer content that your customers have expressed a desire to know more about, something that differentiates you, and something that relates to your clients. We want conversation, not just an advertising medium.
  • Be authoritative: Develop a voice that shares a deep understanding of your industry, along with your prospects and customers.
  • Management
  • Consistent Posting: We utilize a consistent approach to posting content for best results and analysis of ROI.
  • Measure:Analyze which medium has created the best conversations in regards to brand building, conversion, and retention.
  • Fine-Tune:Use data to refine and adjust your brands message. We are forward thinking and will try out new strategies, and record the successes to implement new strategies based on the results.

Email marketing has had the intention of making life simpler for the marketing director and small business owner.

The truth is that without the right partner and program to manage all of these services, you may find your return on time and monetary investment small or even negative.

Tayloe Marketing and Consulting, LLC has partnered with Constant Contact, a preferred email marketer for over 500,000 users. Constant Contact has a variety of templates that integrate both HTML and text, allowing you creativity in your email and newsletter campaigns.

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With the right tools, a proper integrated strategy, and follow through, your clients will keep coming back. With a higher ROI, there is a strong incentive to improve customer retention. Not only is it good for your business' bottom line, it also develops your brand image and assists with your reputation management.

We are happy to sit with you to go over your current customer retention strategies, from social media marketing, email marketing, to customer retention training. Contact us today for a free customer retention consultation.

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